Participants and Members of the European Parliament’s EU-Armenia Friendship Group pay respects at Armenian Genocide memorial in Yerevan


April 24th 2013 – Genocide Memorial Day – Yerevan, Armenia

On the occasion of its first official visit to Armenia, members and participants of the newly created EU-Armenia Friendship Group in the European Parliament attended and payed respects at the memorial ceremony of the Armenian Genocide held at the Tsiternakapert Genocide memorial monument in Yerevan.

The Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust refers to the mass relocation and extermination of Armenians during the Young Turks government of the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1917. Still to this day this tragic historical event does not have international recognition, but is commemorated annually around the world on April the 24th.

Members of the delegation took part in the laying of the wreath ceremony and also visited the Genocide memorial museum afterwards.

In relation to this mornings events, the President of the EU-Armenia Friendship Group and leader of the delegation Dr Eleni Theocharous stated:

“We will never forget the victims of the Armenian Genocide carried out by the authoritarian Young Turks government in 1915. We will continue fighting for the restoration of the human rights of all people on earth whose rights are being compromised.”

Valérie Boyer, a French member of Parliament who joined the EU-Armenia Friendship Group on its first delegation stated:

“I am very touched to be in Yerevan for this occasion. It is an absolute necessity to for the Armenian Genocide to gain international recognition. Recognition is a question of dignity and honour, not only to recognise the past but also to reinforce ideals of human rights which are of great importance to world we live in today.”

Furthermore, Kaspar Karampetian the President of the European Armenian Federation of Justice and Democracy, a Brussels based political think tank also enforced:

“It is a great joy for me to be present with the EU-Armenia Friendship Group in the European Parliament and also with Mrs Valerie Boyer a long lasting supporter of the Armenian cause in France. It is an honour for me to be present in Yerevan on this specific occasion to commemorate the Armenian genocide at its official memorial ceremony.”

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Armen Andonian

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